This project was born to provide a new way of using the usplash engine, present in all ubuntu-derivates and easily installable in debian-based systems. The purpouse is modifyng just the sources if the theme, without modifying in any way the engine, to obtain new effects. The first attempt made in this sense is adding a second charging bar, which charges toghether with the first, the default one.

First of all i want to be sure this first release, with this little improvement, is completely stable. To do that, i pubblished since version 0.1 alpha 1 the sources and the binaries Gnome-Look so that people could help me finding bugs. And well, there were a lot of them. Currently project is at 0.1 RC 1 version and seems quite stable both with amd64 and i386 version. In the next future i'll search for a collaborator who got a ppc arch so that whould be possible to release a version for that arch. For now if you have that architecture you can try compile the binary yourself from sources.

As soon as 0.1 will be stable, i'll start working to a new release which will include some brightness effects in the surface of the hand. I do not exactly how to do, but the goal is to learn how far can this engine goes, isn't it?

Now what i need is testing,testing,testing. So if you can, try this theme with all the strange resolutions you have, and let me know how does it go. To know how to help me with your feedback see the contact page.

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